Wossip Take Two

During the past two years we have been trying to develop a quality and affordable service to monitor your WhatsApp contacts. Sometimes the monitoring was interrupted for some hours or even days but we managed to bring all the services online. You may think that providing this kind of service is easy and quick but that is not the case. Behind the app you see on your smartphone there is a lot of developing time, effort, hardware investment and countless missed hours with our loved ones to accomplish our idea to bring a quality and easy to use service to our customers.

We know that we are not providing a free app but a paid one and that you deserve some explanation and compensation when things do not work as they should. We always try to restore the service as soon as possible and compensate our users by extending their subscription time to compensate the missing hours or days. But what happened the last month was new and new and drastically different measures needed to be applied.

What happened?

During the beginning of May not just one or two but all our monitoring servers went down, all of them almost at the same time were blokced. Although this behavior was weird, specially because of the new measures we took 5 months ago, we just went ahead and try to recover all of them little by little. However all our efforts were vain, as soon as we went up 3 or 4 servers they all become blocked in a few minutes...

We spend the next few days trying to understand what was going on and trying to fix it. We decided to purchase more hardware because it seemed that we couldn't monitor as many contacts as before with each server. After a few days we received the hardware and started to install our monitoring solution and deploy them little by little. At the beginning this new approach seemed to be working, it was not an easy path (since we needed to purchase A LOT of new hardware to satisfy our current customers) but it was working. So we ordered more hardware and we were able to reach up to 30% of our customers at some point. It just seemed to be a question of time and hardware investment. We did our numbers and despite it would be a considerable investment it could be recovered in a reasonable amount of time.

Game Over?

Again everything fall apart a week ago, but this time was not the same. Our servers were not be blocked, but they were not receiving any monitoring information. All the servers were up, running and connected to WhatsApp servers but it seemed that WhatsApp servers remain silent, muted. They didn't reply to our queries. That was odd... and new to us. Also we knew that our competitors stopped working too, so this was affecting everybody, not only us.

We spend, again, countless hours trying to understand what was going on. We did a lot of tests and as soon as we started to monitor a few contacts the WhatsApp servers stopped from reply to us. They remained silent forever. Another monitoring server lost...

We did an internal test for a few days, we started to monitor to a VERY reduced number of contacts and... it worked. However this was a VERY reduced number of contacts, this was 15th times less contacts than usually... So we needed to think what to do with this new set of rules. There was two options: game over, give up... or rise the prices... a lot.

A new set of rules

Some of you may think that we set the prices as we like, or you may think that we want to scam you by paying a very hugh fees to access the service. That is untrue. We are not the ones that makes this business so difficult. Every few weeks we need to challenge with new difficulties and we need to have the best reverse engineers to deal with it. This is very costly and very time consuming. But that is not the only reason. We need to set the price higher because as of right now there is enough room to satidfy all of our customers. We knew that rising the price is not welcomed. We do not like to pay more for the same, specially if we do not understand why we need to pay more. We did not know if the business would be viable if we rise the prices since we would need to rise them a lot... So we did our numbers and perform a test to see if there were public willing to pay this new and high price. Fortunately after a few days it seemed that the business could be viable with this new price, so we went ahead and publish it on Twitter our decission. We knew that most of you will not like this decission and we promise to explain you the reason... So, this is it. Currently there is no room for everybody so if you want to jump to the new server you will need to pay or renew for that. We know this is painful but unfortunately it is the only way.

What happened to my old license?

If you want to keep using Wossip you will need to renew your license and you will be ported to the new server. Please keep in mind that your remaining days will be adjusted to the new prices, so if you have 2 months of the old license this will be adjusted to about 10 days of the new license.

If you don't want to use Wossip anymore or you can't afford this new prices please keep reading.

Did I lost my money?

Of course you don't. We understand that you may not want to pay this new prices or simply can't afford it, so if you did make a payment on the last 4 months you can request a refund. Here is how:

- Android users: You will need your payment receipt you received on your email when paid for the service. Specially you need a transaction ID that starts by GPA, similar to this: GPA.3122-5279-9140-22041. Go to http://priority.wossip.com:8080/refund.php and enter your transaction ID. You will receive a refund in a few days.

- iOS users: You need to request the refund using the Apple form here: http://reportaproblem.apple.com/

If you want you can always contact our support team http://support.mobileinnova.com/contact-us/

Will this new server work forever?

We will be lying if we say yes. The ugly true is we don't know. And if you find other app saying otherwise they are lying. As we stated before we are not the ones that set the rules of this "game". We don't have a crystal ball to know what will be the next move from WhatsApp. This last strike was hard and we think it won't be the last one. We think this business will be more difficult in the future so we will try to do our best to offer you this service day after day. Fortunately we still have a few ideas we could implement to keep this service running if (when) something else strike us.

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